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Our life energy is recycled Sunlight.

In a modern world where we’re bombarded with paranoia-inducing information about how harmful the Sun is, it’s easy to overlook the fact that natural Sunlight is essential to our health and healing. Whilst we obsess about what factor of toxic sun-screen to drench ourselves in, we easily miss the point that the Sun is, in fact, our life source: Our benevolent giver of radiant light energy.

We’re not only made of Sunlight, we are powered by it. Informed by it.

“Consciousness is energy, the purest energy… Consciousness is the highest form of energy.” Osho

Sunlight equates to consciousness so why are we being actively shielded from and indoctrinated against it? Is it perhaps because our rulers are striving to keep us Light-deprived and therefore unconscious and malleable?

Circadium Rhythms are the physiological processes of all living beings that respond primarily to light and darkness and follow an approximate twenty-four hour cycle. These rhythms determine sleep patterns, hormone release and regulation, and other important bodily functions.

Timing is key: A healthy circadium rhythm is essential for a healthy body, mind and Spirit and this means synchronising with nature’s cycle. The most important way to synchronise your circadium rhythm is to give your body the signal that it’s daytime during the day and nighttime after Sunset. With so much artificial light in our lives however, this is not as simple as it sounds.

The rise of artificial light is having a confusing and adverse effect on our circadium rhythms and consequently on our wellbeing and consciousness. To combat this, we need to brighten our days by exposing ourselves to as much natural Sunlight as possible. It’s the blue light in Sunlight that informs our circadium pacemaker and the photoreceptors in our skin – and eyes especially – that convey these messages.

Not only are our eyes the main receptors of external light information, they are also transmitters of our inner light. Our eyes emanate light – biophotons – that contain energy and information about ourselves: The eyes really are the proverbial windows to the Soul. Notice how a persons eyes become perceptibly brighter when they change to a light-giving diet, or feel joyful thoughts.

In order to set our circadium rhythms correctly, we must also expose ourselves to adequate darkness at night by keeping our indoor lighting as dim as possible, ideally sleeping in a completely dark room, and switching off all electrical devices and disruptive frequencies.

Vitamin D, the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’, is produced when the Suns rays touch our skin. Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients for health, energy, immunity, happiness and ironically, cancer prevention. We need to be touched by the Sun. Sunscreen prevents this.

Why are we being brainwashed to not only ‘Sun Block’ ourselves but in the process also drench ourselves with harmful chemicals that actually promote cancer and disrupt hormones? Just another example of how our current paradigm is one hundred and eighty degrees away from truth.

Our bodies quickly absorb anything we put on our skin and sunscreens are another big contributing factor to the toxins we are manipulated into consuming in todays world. We are designed for Sun exposure yet a culture of Sun-fear has been orchestrated. The Sun is our carefully calculated cancer scapegoat. We have been conditioned to ‘protect ourselves against the Sun’. It is not really the Sun that we need to protect ourselves against.

We are not separate from the Sun, we are the Sun. We are the Sun transformed into a new expression.

To starve ourselves of Sun can only ensure our devolution. We have already regressed in our natural ability to receive sunlight.

Solar Flares are the peaks of the solar activity that waxes and wanes on an eleven-year cycle. Solar Flares are the sudden release of a build up of magnetic energy on the Sun; they shoot into the Earths atmosphere affecting its electromagnetic energy field and the vibration of every single person on the planet.

At a planetary level, the increased frequency created by the Sun’s solar storms (flares) causes environmental disturbances such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tornadoes.

At an individual level, Solar storms have a direct impact on our consciousness. Our physical cells memorise (store) the unprocessed (unresolved) emotions of past experiences and traumas, in the form of low frequency energy. Solar Flares cause our cells to awaken and clear by injecting them with higher frequency photonic energy. When our cells are charged up with this higher frequency energy, our cellular memory is amplified which gives us the potential to regain consciousness of our higher state of being: To remember who we really are and create realignment in our lives.

Solar Flare activity thus feeds the impetus for social change as the collective seeks to create an environment that truly supports the evolution of humanity. In connection with social change, these rushes of Solar energy also enhance the imagination, giving rise to the increased innovation and creativity necessary for real human advancement.

The Russian scientist, Tchijevsky, demonstrated this direct correlation between ‘Mass Human Excitability’ and Sun Flare Cycles in a study that correlates the histories of seventy-two countries from the period 500BC to 1922, in relation to Solar activity.

“I believe it will be the magnetic influence produced by the Sun that will usher in what is described by our ancestors as ‘the transition’, bringing us to a new state of being.” 

Mitch Batros, Solar Researcher.

It is entirely probable that the Sun, which gives us life and consciousness, is itself conscious: A conscious Creator.

Given that true intelligence is downloaded from the Sun, why is the Sun being given a bad name? Why is humanity being intentionally shielded from it? And kept in the dark about our selves? Again the answers lie with those who serve their own interests by keeping us away from the Light.

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