Mirror Mirror

miracles 3

Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?

Is it in the hands of a rock-and-roll ego?

Demonically-inspired to

Wreak havoc on the heart and soul.


That ugly voice constantly talking

Into your head:

Noisy. Shaming. Making mess.

Where’s it from?


Is apparent reality under the influence of poisoned ideation?

Bloodied by deeply-entrenched inhuman narratives

That rule our lives and

Hold power only by being believed in.


In the beginning is the word.

Language is an instrument for captivating reality.

An idea that is repeated can plant and fix in the mind.

Mold and shape perceptions.


When a thought triggers feeling a belief is born

And installed in the program collection

Shut behind closed doors

In the Subconscious Zone.


Did you know that the function of your mind

Is to project these inner programs onto the canvas of your world?

Swallow and regurgitate.

Make inside and outside perfectly matched.


Everyday life says, “I’ll be your mirror.”

Personal feeling is the main thing because

Feeling is believing: Belief is feeling.

And what we believe is enough to conjure the thing itself.


How did that happen?

Energy conversion.

Emotions generated metamorphose into matter:

Fantasies we believe in become the physical experience.


The ever-morphing powers of the imagination

Can be harnessed and put to use.

One way. Or another.

Black magic. Or white.


Was your Spirit allowed to fly growing up?

Do you feel attuned with dreams that are authentic?

Does your subconscious imprint believe in Self worth?

Your reality blissfully reflect great swathes of positive energy about yourself?


Or is there a Trojan horse hiding in your creative apparatus

Putting your emotional energy in the service of nightmares?

Screams, sabotage and sickness making reality fake:

Scammers and self-harm misleading the future.


Are you aware of your innermost recordings and

The projection that they make?

Of whether they empower

Or control and humiliate.


Life insists: “Let me be your mirror.

Use my surface to get to something deeper.

I am the echo chamber of what is

Inscribed under the skin of you.”


Is your world woven from truth?

Does your core belief system Love you?

Or are pseudo notions spinning a simulacrum

From the great depths of your subconscious?


The illusion is a reality, of a sort.

Lies are real, if not true.

Matter exists without substance.

When you have lost touch with the essence of you.


Nothing can be changed until it is faced

So don’t escape from the grasp of accountability.

The Future can be found by looking at ourselves as we are right now,

Self-mastery is the only way to transform it.


Remove any blind spot to resonate with truth.

Because you can either freeze yourself in the same frame

Of the shitty film for the rest of time.

Riding in an auto-piloted human-body machine


On the endless carousel of anti-life.

Unconsciously clinging to the traumas that

Feed your sheep-like imagination

And leave a world of virtual rubble in their wake.


Or instead,

Remember that the surest path to Self- knowledge is adverse yet

Arduous journeying is not the essential way.

Break out of your mental snake pit by unpacking it head-on.


Realise the power of pattern

And begin to purge the devils tunes

Playing on repeat in your mind.

Change the record to reboot your reality.


Design your own story:

Write a Love song just for you.

Take it as Gospel.

Feel it to be true.


Your subconscious is the gateway to Paradise

Truly Loving your Self is the key.

The meaning of life is to feel good as often as possible.

They don’t want you to know this.

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