Light Beings

We are each an interconnected energetic cell in the body of the Universe.

 “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than all the previous centuries of its existence.”

Nikola Tesla

Western science has started to catch up with Eastern Mysticism. Quantum physics demonstrates experientially what the ancient texts have been saying for thousands of years, but humanity is largely in the dark, or in denial, about this and what it actually means with regard to who we really are and the nature of our physical reality.

Many of us are still stuck in the ‘mechanical Universe’ of Newtonian physics where we don’t believe we govern anything around us: Puppets who life pushes around in a world of duality and separation. Quantum physics, however, reveals that we are no such puppets and this is no such world. The true nature of our Universe is that it is interactive and we are all the architects of our own realities. If only we knew it. Or could believe it.

At the deepest level, everything in our Universe is made up of the same vibrating energy. This energy is infinite potential at all times and always interconnected with, and affected by, actions taking place, either cosmic or human-related. Even particles that are located very far apart can instantly influence each other and it has been proven well beyond chance that we can communicate without using the five senses.

When we persist in allowing our consciousness to be dictated by our extremely limited five senses, we limit ourselves and create our lives unconsciously. Unaware of how and why we manifest what we do, we mistakenly think life happens to us. But it doesn’t. It is always our own energy that is making life happen, one way or the other. Reality is a result of intention and attention, whether we are conscious of this or not. And in order to create an authentic reality, we need to put the congruent energy – feeling – behind our focus.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration… Everything is the Light.”

Nikola Tesla

The secret to life and creativity is the re-discovery and mastery of Light: Our own Light.

We are more than the physical body and the mind that we identify with: In essence, we are Light (electromagnetic energy) in human form. Our Energetic Body is who we really are and once we become aware of this, we open ourselves up to a whole new world of authenticity and creative possibilities.

The cells in our body are composed of – and produce – energy in the form of light particles, called biophotons, which are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Although biophotons are invisible to the naked eye, we emit and communicate with them: Constantly sending and receiving information internally and externally. They are our connection to the outer world, to each other and to our selves, in a symbiotic relationship.

All life is a system of energy transfer and sharing and everyone has their own personal Light frequency / electromagnetic energy / aura: Their Vibration.

Our energy vibration is the culmination of all that we have ever lived. It is a direct reflection of our inner thoughts, beliefs, words, feelings and of how well we take care of ourself, others and nature. It is the energy that composes, permeates and radiates from every cell in our body: Our unique energetic signature.

We arrive in this world vibrating perfectly with Love but from then on, our vibrational state is learned. Conditioned. We are effectively ‘re-tuned’ and if we were raised on weak foundations, it is likely that our fundamental vibration will be weak too. Until we become aware that we can return to the Light.

Light = Consciousness. Light is information. The more light we hold in our body, the faster our light particles vibrate and the greater our awareness and connection to our Authentic Self – our Creative Self – is.

Light = Wellbeing. The higher our Light level and vibration, the more energy we will have available for healing, optimal health and creativity. When our frequency is high, we are literally full of Light and will feel Lightness of mind, body and Spirit.

Light = Creative Harmony. Our energy field transmits our vibration and magnetises other similar vibrations into our life. We are constantly broadcasting our own energy and attracting other similar energy. Like vibrations attract, so when we are full of Light, we are in tune with the creative energy of the Universe and life flows with synchronistic good fortune and joy.

We can only attract that which is a match for our vibrational field.

Creative energy is a metaphysical power that derives from the Universe and emanates from within us. The stronger our connection to our higher Self – the Lighter we are – the purer and easier the Creative passage will be. It’s called Divine inspiration for a reason and all beings with Spirit have the potential to connect with and channel it. We just need to realise this and align ourselves with its electricity.

All living beings are mutually synchronised with the constant magnetic changes of the Universe and this tie is unbreakable. Lightness of being is essential in forging a creative, cooperative relationship. The Universe is as benevolent as we think, feel and expect it to be. And it will seem as loving as we are to ourselves. Our experience of the world is always a reflection of – a response to – our own vibration. Our outer world always a reflection of our inner world.

We literally create our lives with our own Light.

And the better we genuinely feel, the better the Earthly experience we create. The feeling of unconditional Love for example, equates to pure Light; an unshakable Love of the whole self, being the ultimate foundation upon which to create and connect. The higher our vibration, the clearer our consciousness and the more authentic our expression of Self: The purer our creation.

In the words of Kandinsky, however, “this all-important spark of inner life today is at present only a spark. Our minds are infected with the despair of unbelief, of lack of purpose and ideal. The nightmare of materialism, which has turned the life of the universe into an evil, useless game, is not yet past; it holds the awakening soul still in its grip. Only a feeble light glimmers like a tiny star in a vast gulf of darkness.”

In today’s world, Creativity is really up against it. Humane-kind is firmly in the clutches of a social environment systematically designed and imposed in order to endorse ego pursuits and illusionary struggles and thereby diminish the Light of the authentic Self and hinder real Creativity. Collectively, we have forgotten who we are at the most fundamental level and have unwittingly surrendered our power to create an authentic reality.

Humanity is currently betraying itself. We have become mindless consumers rather than Authentic Conscious Creators. This is against Nature. It is not real living. And it is not sustainable.

We have also been misled into believing that Creativity is a special talent: A gift not everyone is given. The truth is that being Creative is synonymous with being a Spiritual being – with being full of Light. It is our deepest essence, inseparable from our Authentic Self.

Creativity isn’t just a way of life, or a specific occupation. Creativity is life when it is lived with Light. And by definition and default, all authentic creations are for the greater good as they originate from a place of connectivity and Love.

Unreality is the reality of our times. The puppet-masters that be have manipulated – not created – a false physical reality through the unconscious true creators. A manipulation is not a true creation. But once humane-kind find their way back to their natural state of Light and out of their oblivion, they will no longer inadvertently allow themselves to be used as the sleepy conduits of unreality.

Light = Freewill. By understanding that we have the ability to affect our personal Light levels and the implications of this, we give ourselves the possibility of creative control of our selves and our worlds at the most fundamental level:

Tuning in to our inherent Creativity is a process of Spiritual recovery that requires rediscovering and strengthening our Innate Inner Light. By finding our true selves, we can all become Conscious Creators. Artists. Sculptors of our own lives.

Knowing that, essentially, we are Light gives us the opportunity to take responsibility for our own vibration and re-claim our power to create authentically. The very best thing we can do for ourselves, and therefore humanity as a whole, is to consciously raise our personal Light levels…

“I’ll tell you what hermits realise. If you go off into a far, far forest and get very quiet, you’ll come to understand that you’re connected with everything… Everything is I. There is no me or you.”

Alan Watts.

Quantum physics has revealed the fundamental unity of life. Diversity and separation are just sensory illusions deliberately maintained by the oppressors of humanity. We really are all one and consequently, when we become Lighter as an individual, we simultaneously raise the collective vibration and consciousness of humanity as a whole: The Love-level of the whole World increases.

The better we feel, the brighter our Light shines and the more inspired the future that we are able to create, for ourselves and for each other. We therefore have a responsibility to feel fantastic! To feel good is our true purpose. But it must be clearly understood that genuine feel-good-factor equates to Spiritual wellbeing and a Love of self, rather than the superficial, quick-fix comforts of the ego. The cravings and addictions of the ego will only ever dim the Lights, individually and collectively.

Although creative success in life depends on the optimization of Light energy, it should be emphasized that one should not be afraid of the dark. It is darkness that gives light it’s face and enables clarity in the contrast. We must acknowledge and accept the dark because we cannot see the Light without it.

Ultimately though, darkness does not exist. Darkness is simply an absence of Light. Only consciousness – Light – is real. And humanity is at a point in time when we must do all that we can to raise it.

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