Electric Intercourse

DSC_0428 (1)Space is a cosmic networking site:

Everywhere, electric intercourse

Is mapping the minutiae of a ‘concrete’ human reality.

Fluid spiritual energy

Navigating rebirth at Utopia.


All the spirits and all the ghosts

Embrace home in the depth of the sky.

Let’s find the way to Utopia.

But transcendent travel is not for prudes,

Are you coming?


Change the way you see the world,

Turn the map around.

The real guide is within.

Mainstream contemporary culture is

Completely fucking with you.


Stop the clock,

It is here that everything is found.

Sail in each infinite moment

And while you’re there,

Eliminate boundaries, time and space:


There is not matter.

Only continuous moving potential.

Abstract forces

That shape the sublime and communal playground.

Believe in touching, not in the partition


And suddenly the weather is glorious:

Warm rush,


Original happiness,

Alchemical journey.


He who explores his inner landscape

Finds his own path

And summit.

Landing nowhere and everywhere

In a sea of magical, creative Space.



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