A Question Of Spirit

A Question of Spirit

At core, what differentiates us from each other is not race, nationality, gender, religion, material wealth, status, beliefs, etc, etc. The only thing that truly divides humans is the Presence or Absence of Spirit.

Human Beings

     Everyone has:

  • A Physical Body: The material, biological component with genetic links to our biological ancestors. It is a vessel. A container. A potential vehicle for the Spirit.
  • A Mind/Intellect: A programmable function of the biological body. A function that can link us to our biological predecessors through conditioning. The ego is a product of the mind.

       Not Everyone has:

  • A Spirit: The Spirit is Free. Free from conditioning, programming and biological ties. It cannot be manipulated. Free from time, it is Absolute Presence. It is the Pure, Higher, Authentic Self; the Core of Individual Consciousness. It is Creative Intelligence. It is Infinite. It is Love. It is electromagnetic energy. It is Light.

All humans consist of a body and a mind. Not all humans, however, contain the magic ingredient of Spirit. There are many empty vehicles hidden amongst humanity but the Spirited population is largely oblivious to this unnerving reality: It is an alien concept to most people, something they have perhaps never even considered and would probably rather not consider. Certainly, it is a reality that the Spiritless strive to obscure.

We see and feel the profound effects of the Spiritless everywhere, everyday, yet we have not collectively, consciously recognised or understood what exactly we are experiencing.

Humanity needs to wake up to the reality of the situation, no matter how much the idea of the empty vehicles offends our sensibilities and challenges ingrained perceptions about our species. The phenomenon of the Spiritless is real and needs careful and urgent consideration because the behavioral implications when a human exists without Spirit are profound and impact domestic, social and planetary life severely at all levels.

In the absence of the transcendental ingredient of Spirit, a being is driven solely by biological and environmental influences and impulses: There is no in-built Spiritual force to counteract and balance the ego. In a Spirited being, the ego is intrinsically connected to Spirit resulting in a delicate balancing act that entails Spiritual repercussions if/when the ego attempts to go it alone. In contrast, a Spiritless human is unconnected and the ego is, therefore, independent and ‘free’ to run riot in pursuit of selfish compulsions and desires.

In other words, a being without Spirit has only ego needs to fulfil. There is no inner battle of conscience: No internal conflict of interests. Spiritual beings, conversely, are infinitely more complex in their intrinsic impulses and must feed their Spiritual needs over and above their ego desires, or else they will suffer deeply; individually and collectively. Clearly, there is a fundamental polarity at play here between Spirited and Spiritless human beings and a more harmonious co-existence must involve recognition and reconciliation of, and adaptation to, this disparity.

Spirit, Love and The Authentic Self are all mutually inclusive: Without one, you cannot have another. Consider then, what it means to exist without a Spirit. What the knock-on effects are when a being functions in the world with no innate Spiritual compass…

To be devoid of Spirit is also to be devoid of Love. It is simply not possible for the Spiritless to act with real care, to feel empathy or to possess a conscience. Without Spirit, a being is driven exclusively by ego and consequently is concerned only with material and social gain/control, regardless of the cost to others. Without a Spiritual counterweight to the ego, genuine reciprocity and concern for others is impossible. A purely ego-driven individual cannot help but feel superior, entitled and contemptuous. Inevitably, therefore, a Spiritless human is predatory, exploitative and remorseless by nature.

When Spirit is not present, there can be no Authentic Self. A Spiritless being is, therefore, the consummate actor – a mimic; with no true identity this is all they can ever be. And they become who ever they need to be in order to achieve their ego desires through deception and manipulative means… They can never be real because there is no ‘I’ at their core, yet they can seem so genuine that the minds of the Spirited believe in them, despite overriding their intuitive Selves by doing so.

Because they are driven wholly by ego and because the ego is entirely a product of the past, the Spiritless have no freewill. True freewill is only possible when you live in, and respond to, the moment, so without a timeless Spiritual mediator, the Spiritless can only ever be slaves to the impulses of the ego… Automatons piloted by animalistic and rudimentary urges.

The Spirit is the ingredient that is eternal. The human body dies but the Spirit does not. The Spirited are, therefore, Infinite beings in human form. The Spiritless, on the other hand, are Finite human beings. Due to their finite nature, the Spiritless have no impulse to respect and protect Mother Nature. Ensuring the health and continuation of the planet literally does not concern them. As temporary beings, they only have interest in serving their own current mortal requirements and nothing concerns the Spiritless anyway unless it ultimately feeds their ego. With no intrinsic need to nourish their soul, they have only to feed their ego. They suffer only when their ego is not being fed.

When a being is Spiritless and thus finite, they have no requirement or drive for personal growth; Spiritual development. They do not grow in Spiritual maturity. They do not evolve because there is no purpose for them to learn any genuine life lessons. Rather, they only have the need and impulse to become more skilled in achieving their ego desires by whatever underhand means necessary.

The Spiritless assimilate with the Spirited through social manipulation. A degree of successful, albeit surface-level, assimilation is necessary in order for them to remain hidden and to achieve their self-serving ends. Due to their nature they are only able to make superficial, indeed fraudulent, interpersonal connections. Spirit is a beings infinite energetic connection to the Universe and to all other beings. Without Spirit, genuine connection just isn’t possible and consequently synchronicities are also absent in the lives of the Spiritless.

Spiritless humans are simply unable to value or act in accordance with transcendental ideals. So whilst they are able to give the impression of say, altruism, it is only ever an illusion designed for exploitative purposes. They can feign empathy to achieve their own agenda but never actually feel it. They are often expert in simulating Love but again, this is purely as a means to control and manipulate. Due to their intrinsic nature, it is impossible for the Spiritless to ever be in tune with another being, or with nature.

Without Spirit, a being can only ever experience sex at a carnal level. Their inability to genuinely connect with another being results in a, well-hidden, indiscriminate and depraved sexual nature: A predatory disposition without boundaries, orientation or identity. Sex just another means of controlling, abusing, traumatising and feeding off the ‘objects’ of their ego desires. Anything and anyone goes so long as their ego and energy needs are fed. Without Spirit, a being is naturally promiscuous and omni-sexual, it can be no other way. In the hands of the Spiritless, sex is always a weapon and a violation, no matter how well disguised their performances. Factor in a total absence of conscience and the implications are profound and disturbing, especially where children are concerned… Yet humane-nature keeps the Spirited largely in denial of the possibilities in this respect, and thus in the dark about what is really going on beneath the surface of society. Spirited humans largely believe what they want to believe but they deny the truth at their peril.

Nowhere are humans more authentic – more themselves – than in their dreams. As Nietzsche put it, “nothing belongs to you any more than your dreams. Subject, form, duration, actor, spectator – in these presentations, you are completely your Self!”…

Dreams are the Self unleashed; the ‘I’ unedited. Through meaningful symbolism, dreams convey the Spiritual messages of the Higher Self. In the absence of Spirit therefore, there can be no dreams and the Spiritless have no requirement for them anyway. The same is true of intuition: No Spirit, no intuition. Without intuitive guidance, the Spiritless can only live a cut-throat existence, governed solely by the laws of chance.

Essentially, all life is a system of energy transfer and sharing and everyone has their own personal electromagnetic energy / Light frequency / aura: In other words, their individual Vibration. The higher your vibration – the more in tune with Spirit – the less the possibility that you will fall prey to the abuse of the Spiritless.

We can only attract that which is a match for our vibrational field, so if your vibration is high enough, at an individual level, you will be energetically ‘unpalatable’ to the Spiritless who exist only at a low vibrational frequency. Unconditional Love equates to pure Light, which is the ultimate vibrational protection against the Spiritless.

And although collectively, we are at the mercy of the global consciousness / vibration, quantum physics has revealed the fundamental unity of life. Diversity and separation are just sensory illusions deliberately maintained by the oppressors of humanity. We really are all one and consequently, when we become Lighter as an individual, we simultaneously raise the collective vibration / consciousness of humanity as a whole: The Love-level of the whole World increases. The Spiritless are trying to avoid this at all costs.

When we realise that everything is energy and that the Lighter we are, the more powerful and ‘Super-Natural’, it is easy to see why the Spiritless are actively working to keep the Spirited in the dark: Inducing low vibrations through all possible means. Actively causing as much trauma, fear, shame and sickness as they can to disempower the Spirited and ensure a ‘palatable’ negative energy supply off which they can feed.

Human vibration levels relate to the chakras; our ‘Rainbow Light Body’. The more aligned the chakras, the more in tune with the creative power of the Universe. All humans possess the lower chakras but only Spirited beings possess the higher chakra energy centers of the heart, the crown and the third eye: These are the chakras that relate exclusively to the Spirit.

When a person is without the higher chakras, they are empty of certain colours: They literally have less depth than a person with the full spectrum. And without this rainbow, a person has no real creative energy because it is the trans-material consciousness / Spirit that ignites the imagination and gives spark to our physical world of matter.

But the Spirited have been duped into misusing their creative powers: Unreality is the reality of our times. The Spiritless puppet-masters have manipulated – not created – a false physical reality through the unconscious true creators. A manipulation is not a true creation.

For all intents and purposes, these fundamental differences in the Spiritless result in a human nature hell bent on the Spiritual sabotage of Spirited humans and on the destruction of the planet. They are motivated to corrupt, control and destroy everything they cannot be and cannot truly be a part of: This motivation is an inevitable by-product of existing without Spirit. Of disconnection.

The Spiritless manipulate in order to elicit their ego desires. Through premeditation and deception, they trick the Spirited into violating their own free will and thus distort reality in this way. Hidden in plain sight, they control minds, choreograph perceptions and manufacture obstacle after obstacle to the Spirited attaining authentic lives.

In acting in accordance with their nature, the Spiritless cannot help but be destructive to the Spirited. The Spiritless bleed the Spirited of their energy, rob them of their volition, foster environments hostile to Spirit, violate and plunder, pervert the collective consciousness…

They drain, they deflect, they destroy, they deceive… They are driven to stop Spirited beings from evolving: This seems to be their sole purpose. And so long as the Spirited remain in the dark about this, their personal and collective evolution will be stunted.

It is important to understand that Spiritless humans are not damaged, ‘lost’ or inherently disordered. The Spirit has not been forgotten or numbed, it was never present in the first place. They are not in Spiritual pain because they have never possessed a Spirit that could have been hurt: Spiritual healing is not relevant for them. They cannot be repaired or rehabilitated because they were never broken. Their Spirit is not repressed, oppressed or dormant. It is not asleep. Their behaviour is not the manifestation of trauma. They are simply made differently from their Spirited human lookalikes and their nature needs to be recognised for what it is.

Currently, individuals and societies are struggling; paying the price for their naivety. Their innocence about the existence of Spiritless people present in the world puts them at a huge disadvantage…

At best, the beliefs and organisation of society are based on the assumption that human beings are all fundamentally the same. And whilst amongst the Spirited this may be true, it is a flawed assumption when underlying metaphysical factors regarding the Spiritless are taken into account. Consequently, humanity is left wide open to violation and exploitation at the deepest levels of existence by the humans who do not – cannot – play by the humanitarian rules upon which the expectations of society are generally formed.

At worst, the bigger global picture is that the masses are being unscrupulously and stealthily controlled by systems and institutions purposefully designed, created and implemented by the Spiritless in order to satisfy their own ego driven needs and destructive purposes: Power and profit their goals. Spirited beings their puppets to surreptitiously violate and exploit. Planet Earth theirs to rape and plunder.

At a domestic level, the Spiritless are the perpetrators of immeasurable, and largely covert, abuse. Not being able to able to form genuine connections, they engage Spirited beings in fraudulent intimate relationships as a means to feed their own needs. A fraudulent ‘intimate’ relationship is a situation where one partner is living a lie without consciously realising it. It is a relationship based on premeditated deception when one party engages with another under false pretenses and with a corrupt agenda. The natural assumption of the unsuspecting party is that they share the same goals for the union: Typically love, reciprocity and cooperation. The hidden reality, however, is that their motives are poles apart.

A fraudulent relationship is essentially a carefully crafted illusion, a cover, within which serious abuse can and will be orchestrated under the guise of ‘love’. It is a situation of violation in which consent is given unwittingly. In some cases, the sham relationship can last a lifetime and in most cases, the reality of the relationship is never understood or defined by the confused and abused party. Regardless of whether the fraud is ever identified as such, a fraudulent relationship is always harmful as it is devoid of real love and instead has veiled contempt and control at its heart. In a family setting, children inevitably suffer significant consequences when exposed to such circumstances. And indeed, the family courts are rife with battles involving Spiritless beings using their children as pawns in their ego driven games. The Spiritless cause incalculable trauma and Spiritual damage in this context… Yet they remain under the radar… skillfully using systems and unsuspecting people ill-equipped to deal with them…

In this and in all respects, the domestic level is just a microcosm of the bigger global picture. One always reflects the other. We are not living in the civilised times that we have been led to think we are, we are living a collective, global lie. A mass hallucination. Nothing is as it seems: We are existing in an illegitimate reality, one that has been manipulated into effect by the Spiritless. The Spirited human race is being collectively abused and most people have not even realised.

At present, the overwhelming majority of Spirited beings are trying to make sense of the world and their lives from a purely Spirited perspective. That doesn’t work. The Spiritless create untold confusion for the Spirited because the Spirited try to understand them from their own viewpoint. Understanding can only be attained through recognition, acceptance and awareness of the fundamental difference between these two types of human being, and how that difference manifests itself in the exterior world. The first step is for Spirited beings to open themselves up to the possibility that two types of human being co-exist who are alike in form but not in essence.

By definition, the word ‘human’ implies humanity; the quality of being humane. In reality and ironically, however, the ingredient that enables this quality of being humane, is the intangible, ‘otherworldly’ ingredient that is Spirit…

So, in the sense that humans are of planet Earth, the Spiritless are actually more ‘human’ than the Spirited beings who contain the astral element… Certainly, our widely held ideology of what it is and means to be human is contradictory when thought about in these terms…

In order for the Spirited to better understand themselves, each other and the workings of the world – in order to gain a better collective grip of the non-reality that has been covertly imposed – they need to question their fundamental beliefs and re-think their notions about what being human really means: The paradigm needs to be re-written and expanded to include a type of human being who is born with no connection, and no potential for connection, to Love, Self and the Universe. To incorporate this concept into the mainstream mindset would relieve much confusion.

Once it is acknowledged that absence of the higher component of consciousness – Spirit – is the fundamental differentiating and divisive factor within humanity, ways forward in terms of harmonising co-existence and ensuring successful evolution can start to be realised. Once personal, social and planetary trauma / sickness symptoms are seen for what they really are, we can start to work towards creating balance and begin the process of true prevention, healing and growth.

A huge obstacle to the recognition of the Spiritless by the Spirited is the psychological fact that generally, Spirited people see the world as they themselves are and not as it really is. It is very challenging to Spirited human nature to come to terms with the idea of a Spiritless human and their modus operandi. They simply cannot believe it. They don’t want to believe it…

In the words of Baudelaire… “Everyone feels the Devil but no one believes in him”. The Spiritless are able to hide in plain sight due to a combination of lack of conscious awareness amongst the Spirited that humans exist who are able to function as the Spiritless do. And because of the superior natural guile of the Spiritless and their ability to camouflage themselves within society… Baudelaire also famously wrote, “the Devil’s greatest ruse is to convince the world that he doesn’t exist”…

Intuitively, Spirited beings can feel that the Spiritless are different but rather than confront an uncomfortable and indeed, frightening truth, they tend to ‘rationalise’ and deny their feelings; further perpetuating humanity’s best-kept secret. Mankind needs to re-frame its perceptions in order to minimize the fear-factor shrouding the concept of beings without Spirit. It is counter productive that throughout history and literature, as demonstrated by the Baudelaire quotes, devils and demons serve as metaphors for the Spiritually devoid.

To be labeling the Spiritless as ‘evil’ serves only to instill horror. It creates a purely negative perception; a nightmarish image of a very dark force. Such terminology and symbolism can only drive the Spiritless further underground in a bid to avoid identification at any cost. The hellish analogies also perpetuate strong denial on the part of Spirited humans who would rather protect the safe fantasies of their own little worlds than face the reality of mankind head on.

And let’s look at things another way. How can it be fair to demonise the Spiritless when they are only ever acting according to their true nature? No matter how destructive their behaviours can be perceived to be, how can it be right to hold them accountable when, without a Higher Self, they have no genuine freewill or ability to act for the greater good? They literally cannot help the way they behave. They cannot change their intrinsic nature and they cannot be expected to.

The Spirited must not resist, hate or fear the Spiritless for to do so gives them the energetic power they require to thrive. Rather, it is essential for the evolution of mankind that we acknowledge and accept the Spiritless for what they are and ask our selves the question; “what is the purpose of the human beings without Spirit?

After all, The Universe and Mother Nature is highly ordered, organised, balanced and deliberate. In Nature and in the Universal Scheme, all is functional; everything has a purpose and a place. From this perspective, the nature and behaviour of those who do not possess a Spirit should not be viewed as flawed, wrong or evil; everything is as Nature intended…

So instead of vilifying, ostracising, fearing and denying the existence of the Spiritless, their contribution to the Universe must be unraveled and revealed… What is the reason for their existence in the bigger picture? Why are they essential? What can be learned from them?

It is when the Spirited unwittingly allow the Spiritless to subsume and evade them, rather than teach them, that the evolutionary process of humanity is severely jeopardised: That critical point is upon us. We are currently living in a world designed to feed the ego and starve the soul. These are Spirit crushing times. This is no coincidence.

The forces currently controlling the planet are parasitic in nature; they are energy-taking entities vying for supremacy. The proof of this is all around when you stop to take a real look. Fundamentally, humanity is in the throes of a global identity crisis: Spirited man is lost; trapped in a climate designed to rob him of him Self. When the Self goes missing, it means the Spirit is asleep and this makes man easy to manipulate and control. He becomes a puppet: This is the natural goal of the Spiritless… To conquer the Spirit. Because that is the ultimate key to power in any human situation.

Every Spirited being, whether they consciously realise it or not, is engaged in a continuous battle with the Spiritless to establish the dominant collective consciousness: The Spiritless work ruthlessly behind the scenes to impose what is nothing more than virtual reality disguised as hyper reality. For virtual reality to succeed in dominance, it is essential that enough Spirits are suppressed, thus ensuring that authenticity is silenced. This is where we are currently at. Modern society is purposefully designed to break the Spirit and it’s working. Contemporary Spirited man has forgotten who he really is and his imagined world therefore, is nothing more than a sham.

In 1922, T.S.Elliott’s ‘The Wasteland’ was published. The poem is a hard-hitting and despondent commentary on the Spiritual decline of society. The mood of the poem is bleak and hopeless and makes reference to the ‘unreal city’ and the waking dead… Elliott’s imagery and symbolism is as relevant today as ever, indeed momentum for the Spiritual decay about which he writes has accelerated exponentially with the advent of the Internet…

We are living increasingly in the ‘unreal’, barren world Elliott depicts so evocatively but it has become so normal that we accept it without question. Society is becoming ever more Spiritually barren. Spirituality is misunderstood, devalued, ignored, rejected and ridiculed: Distortion and concealment of esoteric knowledge being one of the main means of controlling the masses.

Mankind is firmly in the clutches of a social environment systematically imposed in order to endorse ego pursuits and thereby diminish the Self. It is impossible to count all the ways in which contemporary society fosters ego-based living:

We are being collectively force-fed a diet of fast food for the soul: Mindless overconsumption has become the norm, driven by an intentionally induced hunger for superficial ‘needs’ and a culture indoctrinated with the belief that material wealth equates to ‘success’. The Spirited have been led to believe that the pursuit of money is a purpose of life. They are in a paradoxical situation in which they have been lured into ‘loving’ money more than they Love them Selves, whilst simultaneously fearing the illusion of its scarcity.

And no matter how excessively the Spirited succeed in indulging their material desires, they can never feel truly satisfied: The current material binge cycle is self-perpetuating in this way and until Spirited man becomes aware that his true needs transcend his ego desires, his misguided cravings will remain insatiable and he will remain controllable… Money is the ultimate means of social control and an essential weapon in the arsenal of the Spiritless in their attack against Spirit.

Technology fuels the fire of compulsive consumption; quick fixes at the thoughtless click of a mouse. Even, or should I say strategically, ‘love’ has become a consumer product, an online industry, something to be looked for in a catalogue of human profiles. People have become a commodity in an environment tailor-made for predators and the creation of illusion. Never before has it been easier to cultivate, utilise and hide behind a spurious self-image. Never easier to manipulate unsuspecting minds and abuse trust for sinister and dishonest purposes. Never before have we been so driven by our ego fantasies. Never before has the Spirit been so vulnerable to attack. Innocence so abused…

We are being constantly bombarded with messages promoting and reinforcing the false concept that love and happiness can be found on the outside: In other people, in yet more ‘things’. Self-Love has become confused with ego worship and is measured in ‘selfies’. We are being collectively led further and further away from the truth… The devaluation of Self and the distortion of Love is in rapid motion yet we keep clicking away… Unaware, the Spirited have been deliberately turned into over-consumers: Addicts. Addicts can be controlled.

With regard to Spirited man, addictions even, are not what we have been led to believe. There is no biological disposition. No inherent fault. No addiction gene. They are hereditary only in the sense that Spiritually destructive families keep repeating their abuses and cycles… When you cut away all the extraneous layers of money-making, power-wielding, mind-controlling bullshit, at their very core, all addictions, ailments, illnesses, negative emotions, mental disorders, self-destructive behaviours, compulsions and detrimental patterns of behaviour, are a direct result of a failure to acknowledge, honour and nurture the Spirit: A direct result of trauma / Spiritual disruption.

 Psychiatry, medicine and the collective consciousness need to catch up with this truth. Diseases of the Spirited, are never a question of “what’s wrong with you?” Rather, they are always a question of “what has happened to you?” And in order for humanity to heal from the heart, it is essential that the relentless attack on the Spirit by the Spiritless is actually seen. Despite the blatancy and magnitude of their abuse, it is currently barely recognised for what it really is: Deliberate Spiritual disruption.

Absence of Love is always the problem. Love is always the solution. There are no other real explanations, remedies or solutions. Yet humanity continues without question to medicate itself, as prescribed by the Spiritless, in ways that only ensure yet more toxification.

For a Spirited being, Love is the original foundation in which the Self is rooted. If real Love and acceptance are absent in childhood, a person’s foundation will become disrupted and the authentic Self will suffer. When the Spirit is starved of the circumstances required to nurture its wholeness, a Spirited person will feel instinctively that something is missing but won’t necessarily understand the emptiness and the cravings for the ‘something’ that he cannot define.

In the unconscious pursuit of Spiritual health, a lost and hungry soul will relentlessly try to fill the Spiritual void and mask the pain through the overconsumption of his ‘drug’ of choice. But he will only ever be clutching at straws and no matter what or how much he consumes, he will never be satisfied because he is not giving himself what he really needs: Love. Even when it is ‘Love’ that he becomes addicted to, so long as he is searching for it outside of him Self, he will remain as desperate and unfulfilled as a junkie. A Love of Self cannot be found through needily seeking the attention and approval of others. To the contrary. We can only become whole again from within.

By becoming conscious of what the cravings really are: The natural urge to re-connect with the Higher Self, Spirited man can begin the process of healing and Self-fulfillment. He will then be able to break free of the ego-serving addiction trap in which we have been collectively caught.

These innate cravings for wholeness, experienced by the Spirited, highlight a difference between those humans who are fundamentally devoid of Spirit and those whose Spirits have been compromised by life circumstances. Only the Spirited can miss their Self (Love), which is effectively what the nagging, unidentified cravings are. The Spiritless have no forgotten Self to miss.

The greater the Spiritual disruption – trauma – that a Spirited being experiences, the greater the likelihood that his authentic Self will disappear within as a form of self protection orchestrated by his ego. And the deeper the Self retreats, the more he will replicate the behaviour of a Spiritless being and the more damage he will do to himself and to others… Somewhere deep down, however, he retains his potential for Love. A potential that the Spirtless are doing all they can to subvert through the unceasing – but covert – infliction of trauma and the indefinitely rotating vicious-cycle of abuse.

Whether within families, or between nations, one of the greatest skills of the Spiritless is their genius ability to seamlessly turn Spirited people against each other. Humankind is living a politically engineered existence, one designed to cultivate climates of distrust, suspicion, paranoia and hatred. The illusion of difference is propagated, and by instilling a fear of other, the inherent connectivity of Spirited beings is undermined; the collective whole is consequently weakened through isolation and chaos. We are groomed to be competitive rather than cooperative. Illusionary borders separate us. Patriotism misguides us. Divide and conquer. Divide and conquer: The mantra of the Spiritless.

Modern day ‘communication’ is the ideal means for Spirit bashing. Connection has become largely virtual and we are now so focused on our screens that we have forgotten how to really focus on and connect with our fellow beings. We are neglecting each other and isolating ours selves. This is no accident. The natural connectivity of Spiritual beings is being methodically corroded in this way too.

Technology, in conjunction with media manipulation, is also causing mass desensitisation amongst the Spirited. Natural empathy is fast being lost as we become inured to the gratuitous and ever-increasing levels of violence, sex, deviance and inhumanity that we are constantly being exposed to. How is it even possible that, to use just one example, video games now allow us to simulate the actual killing of one another in a perfectly replicated virtual world… And that this is accepted as mainstream… Sold as ‘fun’…???

Exposure to all this inhumane, yet ‘socially acceptable’, imagery and experience, dressed up as entertainment, is inherently deeply traumatising to Spirited beings. Especially children. The rampant and insidious sexualisation of minors has been mainstreamed with barely noticed blatancy. New generations of desensitised and disassociated humans are being intentionally cultivated. Trauma based mind-control is rife all around us yet we persist in buying into it. In their sleepiness, the Spirited are currently ensuring their own downfall.

It is the aim of the Spiritless to break the Spirit to the extent that it causes Spiritual beings to behave like them in the world; as if they have no Spirit. Thus ensuring the rise of an ego-based society and the demise of Spiritual human evolution. Unless they become aware, damaged Spirited beings go on to abuse the Spirits of others. In this way, the Spiritless are able to efficiently delegate their dirty work and the cycle of Spiritual deterioration perpetuates. Without self-awareness, the Spirited are liable to inadvertently engage in this collective self-harm and thus further the interests of the Spiritless.

When you factor in schooling systems that enforce conformity and impose the regurgitation of prescribed misinformation, the Self and the ability to think critically seem doomed. We have become a planet of ‘followers’: The idea of ‘following’ ingrained in the mainstream. Spirited man is mindlessly pursuing a fake storyline instead of creating his own authentic story. The Spirited have been tricked into willingly handing over their Self-power. Spirited man has been fooled into forgetting how to take responsibility for him Self and consequently for the Planet. He is walking around in a state of amnesia. He has forgotten who really he is. He is part of a premeditated plan that he knows nothing about.

Spiritless man seeks to control everything in his environment, including Nature: He knows that he cannot be God so he wants to play at being Him and make some material profit while he’s at it. The actions of Spiritless man, however, are always an inversion of Love and instead of creating, he can only ever destroy…

 The Planet is being doused with poisons, ravaged, manipulated, made toxic. And because Spirited man is intrinsically connected with Mother Earth, the more She suffers, the sicker he will also become: The health of one always reflects the other. We are in a situation where perceptions are being manipulated on a global scale and the planet and its inhabitants are being utterly abused by those at the top of the pyramid: Spirited man is caught up in a toxic relationship of planetary proportions.

If we stop being distracted long enough to notice, it is abundantly clear that the human race is being interfered with at an ever-accelerating pace and that we are fast approaching self-destruction. Given that in the Universe everything is always as it should be, what is the reason for this current predicament? Is Spirited man perhaps being given the Mother of all wake up calls? Surely we have arrived at the point where the truth can no longer be hidden, denied or ignored. What is it that Spirited man must learn from the situation that he now finds himself in and from the parasitic entities whom he has allowed to take control of his life? And how can he turn things around?…

The Spirited have been duped into a false consciousness and they need to learn that they have the power to disallow this when they take responsibility for them Selves. As the true creators, it is the Spirited beings who have had the real power all along and this can be realised by becoming Self-aware. Instead of giving in to all the external distractions that we are purposefully and relentlessly bombarded with, Spirited man needs to step away and wise-up to the carefully honed mind-control techniques he is being subjected to. Switch off the television and its subliminal, hypnotically induced, messages. Become conscious of the symbology talking to our subconscious minds in plain sight. Turn inwards. By getting away from the speed, noise and diversions, by allowing ones Self to be quiet and alone, it is possible to start to re-build a connection to the Higher Self, to Spirit.

The head-spinning speed of modern existence is ensuring humane devolution. A greatly reduced life pace is now necessary for real human advancement. A backlash against the overwhelming sensory overload and illusion of necessary struggle is long overdue… The Spirited must work towards a state of collective serenity in order to remember and reclaim their essence.

Spiritual essence is not susceptible to manipulation or distraction like the mind is. The mind can be fooled, the Authentic Self cannot be. Until a Spirited being is conscious of this truth and is able to truly honour their Spirit, they will be misguided and susceptible to indoctrination and to being controlled.

The ego shouts the loudest for attention because it is shallow and insecure. It chatters incessantly in your head and leads you astray when you are not conscious of the nonsense it talks. The Spiritless take advantage of every opportunity to lead unconscious Spirited beings astray via their shouty egos. The Spirit doesn’t need to shout because it is completely secure in its Self: It is Self. It’s voice does not chatter inanely in your head, it communicates through feelings, signs and symbols and you must be perceptive to it in order to hear and decipher its messages. It speaks clearly to you when you quiet the external and internal distractions. We must tune out to tune in. We must master our minds and egos in order to find and free our Selves from destructive forces.

If the purpose of the Spiritless, in the Universal scheme, is to help the Spirited understand who and what they really are, then surely these are eye-opening times. We have now arrived at a state of collective consciousness so far removed from any semblance of Spiritual reality that it serves to reveal exactly what Spirited man is by demonstrating clearly what he is not…

If we pay attention, the limitations of the Spiritless beings disclose the potential of the Spirited beings. As with everything, there is clarity in the contrast and the contrast has never been so stark or so much in evidence. Existence today feels oh so wrong and we are not yet collectively too inured to be completely mis-led by our (ir)rationalising minds… Surely there are still enough strong and awakening Spirits in the world to turn things around…

The reality is that human life is not a matter of survival of the fittest in the competitive Darwinian sense that we have been fraudulently led to believe. Humane evolution is dependent upon the survival of the fittest Spirits and on them leading the way with Love and unity. Triumph and prosperity of the Spirit is what is ultimately going to Save Our Souls.

Spirited humans are constantly either fending off, or succumbing to, the influences of the Spiritless depending on their personal level of Spiritual health / strength. The maturity of ones’ connection to Self determines a persons’ constitution for truth. Although the Spirit is infinitely resilient and can never truly be destroyed, it does need to be nurtured, respected and believed in for it to be ‘heard’. The mind can be persuaded to sabotage the Spirit and therein lies the problem: The Spirit cannot actually be crushed but intellectually, an individual’s belief in, and Love for, one’s Self can. …

Spirited humans all have the potential to be Spiritually strong and this is what humane evolution is all about: Learning from human life experience in order to achieve Spiritual growth and return to a natural state of Love. To grow into what they have always and forever been at core.

We currently exist in an environment manipulated to cause maximum identity disturbance in the Spirited. This toxic environment is now so wholly unbalanced that it simply cannot be sustained. The Universe always works to restore balance, so we must necessarily be nearing tipping point: Spirited mankind is on the cusp of an opportunity to invert the current paradigm of ‘reality’ and thus create a new world / consciousness founded on Love and therefore truth. He just needs to realise his innate creative power to be able to do so…

At present, the world is built on fear. Fear is the fundamental control mechanism and we are slaves to it. The Spirited must dispel their fears if they are to free themselves, for so long as they focus on feeling fearful, their fears will grow stronger and their attention will be away from Love: They will remain disempowered. Conversely, the negative energies of fear and hate empower the parasitic entities who seek to dominate and feed. In the words of Confucius, “If you hate a person, then you’re defeated by them”… The Spirited must not be provoked into self-destructive hate or fear-based reactions that serve only to further the interests of the Spiritless…

In order to neutralise the vampiric effects of the Spiritless, Spirited humans need to remember, accept and Love them Selves… Easier said than done when so much damage has been inflicted on the Self… A lot of collective healing needs to happen… But by waking up to the fact that they are being purposefully separated from them Selves and from each other, humane-kind can set the Spiritual shift in motion.

Self-Love is the only true protection. Love is literally all that is needed to harmonise existence. Love is the Self. Love is the whole Self. What this means is that Spirited beings have to accept the whole Self in order to Love them Selves wholly and attain their freedom from external ‘needs’ and influence.

When the Spirit/Self is not acknowledged, accepted and honoured, cravings for ego-needs step in in a futile attempt to fill the void where the Self is ‘missing’ and unfulfilled. Social conditions are presently masterminded by the Spiritless to cause the Spirited to feel deeply bad about and reject them Selves and so create a fake, egocentric society that through it’s ego-building mechanisms, perpetuates the downward spiral of Self-loathing, insatiable need and entrapment. The Spirited have been tricked into paving this spiral for them Selves…

The Spiritless rely on the Spirited rejecting their Selves in order for them to exist in all their parasitic glory. The Spiritless entities can only cause harm whilst the Spirited do not accept themselves wholly: The Spiritless are merely a reflection of the way the Spirited feel about themselves and their own so-called dark sides. When the Spirited learn to understand, accept and embrace their whole Self, the Spiritless will necessarily cease to be parasitic because only while the Spirited are needy and therefore ‘vampiric’ themselves, can the Spiritless reflect this. When Spirited man is able to reconcile all that he is with his Self, the existence of the Spiritless will also be reconciled with the Universe.

Possessing no real creative ability of their own, the Spiritless use the Spirited like puppets by infiltrating their subconscious minds and manipulating a false physical reality through them. Once Spirited man re-connects with and accepts him Self, he can no longer be used as an unconscious conduit of unreality. The puppet masters will become powerless against the true creators: This is what they fear. Ultimately, the Spiritless fear Love because they know it is the only true power in existence and they have no potential for it. Those who do have the potential for Love simply need to remember that Love is their essence and the world will be re-made through feeling.

The Spirited have an intrinsic understanding of the fact that we are all one. If we can bring consciousness of this unity from within, to the surface of perception, the truth of unity will transform the world. Once the Spirited remember that ‘you’ is also ‘me’, Self Love will also extend to become a Love of all others. Through the practice of meditation, a fuller state of consciousness can be achieved which would enable the collective creation of a Love-based, peaceful world built on genuine giving, balance, solidarity and equality.

At present, the world is in a state of perpetual war. And no matter the excuses cited. No matter the convoluted justifications, or even the profits made. The fundamental agenda of all war is that it is incited as a direct and deliberate attack on the Spirit by those who seek to conquer the human heart. All warfare is Spiritual warfare at core. All abuse is Spiritual abuse at core. And all trauma is Spiritual trauma at core. Ultimately, in all his struggles, Spirited man is only ever fighting for his true Self and when he becomes conscious of this, he will understand that Love is all that is needed to triumph.

The Modern world has become so far removed from humanitarian values and all that is Natural that the elusive Matrix is now effectively exposing itself… There’s something in the air. Literally. Society has become so fake and so toxic that even (especially) our ‘food’ and water is engineered to surreptitiously poison bodies, minds and thus Spirits; all are interconnected. We are living in an increasingly bastardised, sickness-inducing environment where nothing reconciles with who the Spirited really are: How has this come to be so? Why? What is really going on beneath the surface of our collectively perceived reality?…

… When you stop to consider what human nature would be capable of in the absence of Spirit, the world starts to make sense: Spirit is the missing link in all the confusion. And ironically, the current climate is proving instrumental in helping wake the Spirited up to who and what they really are. Through the manmade adversity inflicted upon them, they have been given the opportunity to learn about their true Selves and thereby further the evolution of humane-kind. Through the sheer scale and force of their attack on the Spirit, the Spiritless have started shooting themselves in their proverbial feet: Their existence, intentions and modus operandi have become visible…

Despite the mind control and the distractions, the veil is now conspicuous, but to lift and pull it away is traumatising in itself. When belief systems finally shatter, shock and extreme emotions follow. There is always a bitter grieving process for the loss of what never really existed in the first place. Disillusionment is intensely painful but it is also freeing and necessary if we are to move into an era of Truth…

In order to move towards this new era, the Spirited must accept that all sickness symptoms, at all levels, are a direct result of an illicit and imposed ‘reality’ that is not in tune with Nature, the Self and its authentic state of Love. Once the Spirited wake up to the fact that the truth is being denied to them, they will also be able to see that in actual fact, they are denying it to themselves because ultimately it is they who have the true power to create reality.

The Spirited do not have to accept fabricated circumstances designed to crush the Spirit: Circumstances intended to anaesthetise, inure and keep them craving superficial highs that are never going to soothe their souls… Once Spirited man becomes aware that his true identity is being tampered with, he can start to re-claim his Self and his freewill. He will understand that he can lead himself in the knowledge that the ultimate power is Self. He will no longer be corruptible and the world will no longer be corrupted.

The key to power over humane-kind is to conquer the Spirit. But the key to true power IS the Spirit. True power is Love and it never seeks to control, only to guide. When Spirited beings start taking real responsibility for themselves, they simultaneously stop handing over their power. And when they accept themselves fully, they attain a state of Self-Love from which point harmony becomes the reality and fear ceases to exist. By re-connecting with the Self, the truth of unity is also remembered…

If Spirit is the core, the link and the key, why are we being systematically disconnected from it? Why is Spirituality sidelined? Why are the most fundamental truths about humanity such a big secret? Why are we so in the dark about our Selves? Why are we not all illuminated? Why indeed.

Spirituality is not a religion, or a philosophy. It is not a belief, or an ideology. It is not an ‘alternative lifestyle’. Spirituality is Spirited mans’ original way of being. It is who he is in his purest, most natural state. In short, the only authentic reality is a Spiritual one and all that is necessary for the true evolution of humanity is a Love of Self. The continued existence of humanity is dependent on Spirited man restoring his Spirit, his Spirituality and his connection to Nature: On him re-gaining his consciousness…

The only necessary (r)evolution is a (r)evolution of consciousness and for that to be successful, it must be fought with Love by peaceful warriors. To be provoked into doing otherwise is to play into the hands of the Spiritless and further their agenda.

Those currently at the top of the Planetary Pyramid of Control are theoretical experts in what the Spirited have collectively forgotten: They know the Spirited better than the Spirited know the Self and they use that knowledge against all humane-kind. Love and knowledge of Self are the antidote to the virtual reality Spirited man is currently ensnared in and he has started waking up to him Self and to the illusion…

There are, however, two levels of illusion and it is imperative that Spirited man wakes up to them both: First, the illusion of freedom and human rights must be shattered. Humanity has been robbed of both. This must be understood but to awake solely to this illusion is to spark despondency and despair and to remain disempowered…

Spirited man must also wake up to the fact that he has fallen for a Universal double bluff. Once he awakes to him Self, Spirited man will discover that the illusion of freedom is an illusion in itself… Humanity is currently subject to mechanisms of control that give the illusion of freedom but ultimately, the mechanisms themselves are just an illusion. The Pyramid of Control just a house of sand.

With Spirit at essence, Spirited man is and has always been inherently free. He is only a slave so long as he is slave to his ego. He just needs to realise this for himself.


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