The Food of Love

Your diet and the life you create are inextricably linked: The light-level of your diet materialises in your life. The food we consume is the most fundamental way in which we can show our selves Love. All self-Love is light-inducing but through diet, we have the possibility to literally fill up on Sunlight.

Our bodies require the continuous consumption of condensed Sunlight and in order to glow with light inside and out, it is essential to consume a diet of natural, organic, unprocessed, whole food, eaten mainly raw. Raw food of this nature is alive, meaning that it is infused with the Sun’s energy in the form of biophotons and this vital solar energy fills our cells when we eat this living produce.

The richer a food is in Sunlight energy, the more nutritious it is and the greater its power to raise our vibration and consciousness, and create wellbeing and vitality. Eating raw optimises the light power available to our bodies and also maximises the enzymes we consume.

A Sun-rich diet connects us with the flow of Mother Nature and thereby fuels our creative spark. The Sun is the ultimate creative force. It is the source of energy behind all Life on Earth. It is the basis of our food chain. At every link in the food chain, ninety percent of the Sun’s radiant light energy is lost. This means that because plants are closest to the supreme energy source, the more natural, plant-based foods we eat, the more energy we will have in it’s purest form and the better we will feel, heal and be.

What we eat governs what we become. We all have a choice. We can choose to eat light and life, or we can choose to eat processed food (death). Everything we consume is either fighting or feeding disease. Either fuelling or dimming our light. Either panacea or poison. 

Mindful, conscious consumption is key. We become what we eat and what we feed our senses with. Mind, body and Spirit are inextricably connected. Whatever we choose to put into our body will manifest and determine our inner and outer life.

“We should begin at the very root from which we spring: We should effect a radical reform in the character of the food.”

Nikola Tesla.

Meat is effectively second-hand food. When we eat meat, we are consuming Sunlight energy that has already been consumed and is therefore not in its purest, most intense state. The consumption of ‘second hand’ food is one of the main ways in which humanity is holding itself back from evolving.

When we eat meat, we also open ourselves up to the transfer of negative energetic forces. For example, if an animal was afraid when it was slaughtered, to eat that animal is to consume that vibration of fear. We also take on any steroids and hormones that the animals we eat may have been given. Furthermore, meat ferments and putrefies in our digestive system and can attract parasites. Not to mention the unsavory factory processes it is subjected to.

The gratuitous consumption of animals also carries obvious ethical implications and these aren’t exactly light-enhancing either. The consumption of meat imparts a heavy vibration whatever way you look at it.

The generally accepted nutritional beliefs of the collective consciousness are based on a carefully concocted packet of lies that we are systematically spoon-fed from the day we are born. This has been going on a long time and much of what we have been conditioned to accept as fact, in terms of what is ‘healthy’ for us, is anything but. We think we need meat to be strong, we think we need hot meals, cows milk for our bones etc, etc… But do we really?… Why are we becoming collectively sicker and sicker, at every level of existence?

With ‘fake food’, GMO’s, and the general bastardisation of our ‘food’ chain on the rise and rise, it is imperative to take full, conscious responsibility for what we consume at this most fundamental level.

Food-related choices are also one of the surest ways of gauging whether another person is likely to be on our general wavelength: A persons’ ‘food-life’ being an excellent indicator of where they are at in terms of their relationship with their Self and the world. A Sunlight-infused diet is a lifestyle choice that naturally leads to consciousness, authenticity, community, nature, wellbeing, inspiration and creativity.

To live authentic, creative lives we must fuel ourselves with authentic, creative energy. You really are what you eat and it is your responsibility to know exactly what you’re eating – and consuming in general – and the implications for your mind, body, Spirit and life.


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