On Naivety

Naivety is not a quality of the Authentic Self. It is not a quality at all.

Naivety is also not synonymous with being young. Young children are innocent and vulnerable for sure, but being naturally directed by instinct, they are not inherently naïve. To the contrary. Naivety is something we are taught to be: Naivety is the result of conditioning against the Self. There is a direct correlation between naivety and lack of connection with the Authentic Self.

To be in touch with the Self is to be childlike but because of that, not despite it, free of naivety.

“I wanted you too much to hear you one day answering in complete innocence those insidious questions grownups ask children: “What do we think with, suffer with? How did we get the sun’s name? Where does the night come from?” As if they could answer the questions themselves! Since you are for me the human creature in its perfect authenticity, you should, improbable as it seems, teach me about them…”

Andre Breton

Naivety is a choice, an unnatural obstruction. It goes hand in hand with denial, laziness and irresponsibility. They stagnate together blindly in a place from which growth is not possible until some Light is permitted in.

Naivety is unconsciousness.

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