Natural-Born Superheroes

“There’s no such thing as genius. Just children who were less damaged.” Albert Einstein.

We are born Whole. Authentic. A bundle full of Light. A newborn already is everything they ever need to be and the most essential role of a parent is to preserve that ‘Wholeness’… that naturalness of being… that state of being authentic to ones Self… To protect and nurture the immanent Light energy – the joy – and help their child grow into who they already are.

Or else, the adult child will likely end up in the painstaking process of trying to piece their self back together…. Trying to re-pair and re-build and re-find what was always there in the first place. Or else, the child – the Light – that was may remain dimmed or lost for this lifetime.

A child can teach an adult more than an adult can ever teach a child. We are born with the Lights on. When the imagination is free, we are authentic and creative beings.

All young children are creative geniuses because they are experts in being themselves.

“Just be your self!”… Life’s most ironic cliché. It implies that it’s easy to be your Self and that we all know how if we ‘just’ try. It also assumes that we consciously know who we really are in the first place, in order to be able to ‘just’ put our Self into action.

The reality is that most of us don’t have the beginning of a clue about who we really are. And we don’t even know that we don’t know. If our Self is who we really are, why isn’t it easy to be? Why don’t we know how to be authentic? Why don’t we know who we truly are as opposed to who we are fraudulently led to believe we are?

From the moment we are born, labels, distorted ways of seeing, and corrupted ways of being are imposed on us. We inherit an identity and our authentic Self and our imagination are immediately constrained. We grow physically whilst our true potential simultaneously diminishes. And unless we wake up to the illusions, The Matrix takes us further and further away from our true creative nature: Further away from the Light that was our birthright.

The systems, structures and indoctrinated expectations of society work actively against the Self. Planet Earth is not currently a Self-friendly place. This is no coincidence. The world has been designed and engineered to be this way because the realised Self is a free and powerful creative force, immune to manipulation and mechanisms of control.

The greater the extent to which humanity loses its collective grip of Self – and hence, authentic reality – the easier humanity is to control. The easier it is to trick us into violating our own freewill. The mechanisms of ‘Self-Control’ at work in the world today have manipulated a false reality and induced a state of collective amnesia about our essential essence that has exponentially stunted true creativity.

At core, the only real war being waged today is one against the Authentic Self, by those who seek to conquer the human heart and enslave humanity:

Ego-System V. Eco-System

However, a system that is fundamentally against nature, at every level of existence, cannot be indefinitely enforced. We currently find ourselves in an anti-Light regime but you can’t truly oppress Light. Light always finds the cracks and shines through. When something / someone is inauthentic, there are always cracks through which to see things as they really are and direct healing Light energy.

“The child is father of the Man.” William Wordsworth

A man has undergone years of conditioning: He has been taken many miles away from his true self. He is lost. He is in the dark. A young child on the other hand, has not yet strayed too far from their authenticity. We are born knowing all.

So, what can we learn from children at their peak of wholeness and Creativity? And how can we replicate the purity of their being, in order to find our way back to a Lighter state of self and humanity?…

How can we become more childlike?

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