Self-Knowledge and Expression Through Photography Practice

Photography-based practices involve us interacting with our own unique visual constructions of existence and are therefore an ideal tool for increasing the self-knowledge and awareness – consciousness – from which wellbeing, authenticity and creativity can flow.

Photography is also an ideal means with which to express the Creative Self.

The practice of photography is therefore a process in which both internal and external light can be realised and used to create.

Photography as a Consciousness-Raising Process

No matter how deeply buried your Authentic Self is, it is your constant witness. It knows your every thought and your every action. You cannot cheat it. Like a camera, it observes and records the details that you never even noticed. And just as you can never truly hide from your Higher Self, you can never really ‘hide’ behind your camera.

What you chose to photograph and how you chose to photograph it is always a reflection of you in some way, at some level. The images you create are testament to your inner life – your Light / dark balance – in any given moment. Your images are also the communicators of subtle messages from your Higher Self.

Through the practice of photography, you can literally build a tangible picture of your life that gives you the potential to interpret your self via the imagery. If you pay attention, the images you create can help you become conscious of what your Authentic Self is trying to tell you. They can be a clue to what you are trying to find without even knowing what you are looking for… The questions you never consciously asked that need answering. The changes you had no idea that you needed to make…

Photography can make the unconscious conscious.

Photography can give your Spirit a voice: A language with which to communicate with your Self and with others.

The photographs you create are the physical manifestation of your inner life. They take on your energy. When you pay attention and delve deep, your images can shed light on where you are at with your self and what you need to address in your life.

A photograph, like life and man, has many layers. And like man, it possesses its own energy.

Self-Investigation through Photography


  • Consistent self-documentary brings to light that which needs addressing in order to create more Light in our lives.
  • Regular, committed documentary of everyday life can highlight and reveal habits, patterns, cycles and issues that we are not conscious of. Or choose to ignore. It promotes mindfulness.
  • Recorded visual ‘evidence’ presented en masse is hard to look away from and acts as a catalyst for self-reflection and change.
  • Routine life-documentary helps us see the bigger picture of our lives. It brings our attention to detail and context.
  • Photographic self-documentary enables us to see connections and patterns in our lives… To start joining the dots.

 Subtle messages of Self conveyed through Photographic imagery:

  • There is a reason why we are drawn to specific photographic images. Either the photographs of others, or the photographs we create for ourselves.
  • The Higher Self speaks in a figurative language through signs, symbols and the evocation of feelings.
  • Being conscious of this allows us to look behind the images for clues about who we really are and what our Higher Self is trying to communicate to us.
  • When we are alert, we can start to see what we need to resolve in ourselves in order to attain reconciliation with our Self and thereby facilitate an authentic life full of light and creativity.

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