Love Is A Super-Power


Growing up is losing the Magic Touch.

Growth physically but the intangible,

Horrifying human problem is a loss of Self on a global scale.


The Beautiful-World reality is forgotten.

The modern world is attacking the natural Love in people

Because a special kind of power comes from Love

And they who focus on the control of humanity are afraid of it.


Everywhere a lesson in dark shades

Is trying to poison the true Self.

An untouchable threat to innate truth and beauty

Pushing a legal agenda of hate.

Waging insidious, invisible war upon the Light.

Its goal always: To completely rupture Love


And make the whole world artificial.

A black, cracked, corrosive environment

Carrying us to losing true feeling and creative power.

Ruled from the shadows by a different human-kind

Who channel the perversion of the natural cosmos

And harvest energy from fear.


In this Spirit-less world you might be dead before death.

Do you really want to be?


“Mama, do you know what the meaning of life is?”

“Uh, no idea, do you know it?”

“Yes. Fun and chocolate.”


Bring the forgotten child back.

Let your star-sprinkled Soul be found.

Make the journey back to Love.


A toddler’s existence is beyond the walls

Of social convention and perceived truths.

It’s a direct expression of being alive:

Of nature. Of Source.


With Love in their eyes,

They call each other “brother or sister” or “fairy”.

Regardless of colour, religion or gender

And dream, create, connect.

Make fun, sing in the street, feel the sweet, sparkling rain.


They understand the real components of freedom.

Understand what life is about:

Joy. Playing. Friends. Creativity. Giving. Music. A joke. Sharing. Questions.

Exploring. Imagination. Adventure. Animals. Magic. Colour. Celebration.



“The child is the father of the man.”

William Wordsworth was right about that.

We are lost and broken by this shadow world.

Emasculated. Blind. Fake. Naïve. Cynical. Ego-led. Unconscious.

We too are stealing our children’s ability to be authentic.


For humanity to be as alive as possible

Man must renew his wisdom by becoming Light as a child.

And a protector of their inherent Love energy.

He must learn his philosophy of being from The Innocents

To return to the child-like instinct for beauty and honesty.

Be re-born to grow up.


When we realise who we truly are and

Unlock the super-power within the heart,

The constant perversion of The Universe will stop.


The other beings are fighting a losing battle

Trying to break the infinite Spirit of man.

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