Invisible Handcuffs

This photo series comprises stills taken from the short story, Invisible Handcuffs. The stills are a mixture of candid street, and found photographs. Text available on request.

I received a call from a woman with an American accent. She said she was “Stephen Willis’s fiancé”. I didn’t recognise the name or recall knowing anyone called Stephen who had a fiancé. For a moment, I thought she’d dialled the wrong number. Then I realised what was going on. I said I was driving and couldn’t talk. By the time I reached London, she’d called twice more and sent one text message…

“Can you please explain the nature of your relationship with my fiancé?”   SMS received 16 Nov 2012, 09:13.

A disturbing tale of modern-day love scamming and old-fashioned deception ensued. But despite the glaring facts, the fiancé could not let go.

Why does someone choose to live a lie when the truth is clear?

Why does a person’s wishful thinking overrule what is known in their heart? How is such mind control orchestrated, and what makes one susceptible to it? And, under such an influence, is free will ever an option? What facilitates deception, and fuels the proclivity for being deceived? 

A match can be perfect for the most degenerate of reasons.


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