Magical By Nature



This project fuses art and science by using the medium of analogue photography to articulate the language of energy. These photographs are a visual representation of who and what we really are. They examine our essential nature at the deepest, most conscious level of existence: The Quantum Level.

These photographic images make manifest the synchronistic connectivity and underlying metaphysical forces at constant play in the Universe. They depict an immaterial world of fluidity, interplay, oneness and pure potential… A sea of electric energy dancing on waves of different frequencies where like-vibrations attract and ignite the corresponding creations.

The images reveal that true magic is the realisation of nature – literally, Super-Natural – and that our magical powers are fuelled by the energy of Light. When our Light energy is in alignment with our higher Self, aka the Universe, it is inevitable that we co-create truth and beauty with ease. It can be no other way. This is nature.

These photographs have been created with 120mm film using an analogue camera and a process of multiple exposures. The resulting images have not been digitally manipulated or otherwise controlled. Rather, they are the result of an experiment in synchronistic creative flow where the photographer acts as a conduit for merging energies and enables Divine alchemy to give form to a bigger picture of reality.

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